M.O. weddings founder

Since 2015 that I moved from St. Petersburg to Cyprus, I have founded my wedding agency M.O. weddings and became a wedding planner with a sole purpose of arranging warm and soulful weddings on the island.


Family is of great value ​​for me. I feel very excited and humble for having the opportunity to participate in the creation of this foundation.

Hence, it is very important to me to create an atmosphere of warmth and care during the wedding.

Another very important moment for me is organizing efficiently your wedding in order to make you feel confident, calm and secure. This is always being  confirmed by the positive comments and kind feedback I get from my clients. 


I have good knowledge of the island and its culture. Also, I keep high standards and work only with the best and reliable suppliers. I’m trying my best, I put my soul into every project, because I really love my life’s work and I know that this is apreciated by my clients ;)




- How much does a wedding cost in Cyprus?

Upon request, we prepare an estimate, which includes all the necessary expenses. 

The cost depends on the number of guests, wedding venue,  as well as the decoration and entertaiment programme. 

On average, a wedding in Cyprus for 30 people costs approximately 20.000 euros, further than that the sky is the limit. 


- How much does the wedding arrangement cost?

The cost for the wedding arrangement is 15% of the estimated budget.


- How does the wedding preparation begin?

A key moment is the wedding venue. We always begin by selecting the venue because it affects all future decisions, such as the wedding style, accommodations, transport etc.


- When should preparation begin?

Ideally the earlier the better. This way you will have the opportunity to book the best suppliers. Apart from that, usually a 6 month period is more than enough to have a smooth journey towards the wedding.