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Wedding Venue


First Venue Selection: We provide up to 10 of the best venue options based on your preferences within five business days.

Deep Venue Exploring: From your shortlist of five venues, we gather all necessary information, including prices, availabilities, and advantages/disadvantages.

Choosing Your Perfect Venue: Once you decide on the ideal wedding venue, we will take care of the prebooking process for you.


Full Wedding Planning

Venue Selection and Coordination: We help you choose the perfect venue and handle all communication with them.

Supplier Selection and Coordination: We curate and coordinate all necessary suppliers, creating a seamless team.

Unlimited Meetings and Consultations: Enjoy unlimited personalized support and guidance.

Personal Wedding Website: Your wedding will have its dedicated online platform for easy access to information.

Automated Invitation and RSVP Management: We efficiently manage your guest list and invitations with automated tools.

Complete Venue Layout and Floor Plan: We design a comprehensive layout for a well-organized event.

Planning and Timeline Control: We meticulously plan and manage timelines for a smooth flow of events.

Full Wedding Day Coordination: Relax as we manage all aspects on your special day, ensuring a stress-free celebration


Wedding Coordination

On-site Presence: Professional Wedding Coordinators will be present on the wedding day for 12 hours

Venue Layout and Floor Plan: We provide a complete layout and floor plan for the day-of event.

Comprehensive Assessment: Our team conducts a thorough assessment to ensure no details are overlooked.

Supplier Collaboration: We collaborate with all suppliers to ensure they fully understand your vision and requirements.

Wedding Day Schedule: We create a detailed schedule for all wedding vendors.

Management and Supervision: We manage and supervise all vendor arrivals, setups, ceremony entrances, and guest arrivals.

Issue Resolution: Our team is adept at resolving any unexpected issues that may arise. 

Emergency Kit: We provide an emergency kit with essentials like Ibuprofen, plasters, etc.



How much does a wedding cost in Cyprus?

Upon request, we prepare an estimate, which includes all the necessary expenses. The cost depends on the number of guests, wedding venue, as well as the decoration and entertaiment programme. On average, a wedding in Cyprus for 30 people costs approximately 20.000 euros, further than that the sky is the limit.

When should preparation begin?

Ideally the earlier the better. This way you will have the opportunity to book the best suppliers. Apart from that, usually a 6 month period is more than enough to have a smooth journey towards the wedding.

When is the wedding season in Cyprus, and which month is ideal for wedding organizing?

The wedding season in Cyprus typically spans from May to October. For optimal conditions, we recommend considering the end of May, the beginning of June, or the end of September to the beginning of October. During these periods, the weather is perfect for a memorable and enchanting celebration.

How does the wedding preparation begin?

A key moment is the wedding venue. We always begin by selecting the venue because it affects all future decisions, such as the wedding style, accommodations, transport etc.

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