kind words

Maria, we express our immense gratitude for the work you've done. It was very comfortable working with you; the organization was perfect, and you took all our concerns away. The guests were delighted, and we are very satisfied.

VIKTORIA and Alexandr

We are happy that we found the strength to part ways with the first organizer and decided to work with you. Yes, it didn't go without hiccups, but you gave it your all and were extremely helpful with everything. You promptly embraced any of our ideas and concepts without unnecessary words or reminders. Always available, always striving to understand and support. This is undoubtedly a recommendation and love. 🥰

Julia and valentine


Maria, thank you so much. We couldn't have dreamed of such a beautiful wedding. Dima and I didn't have to worry about anything, and that was absolutely wonderful. We felt like guests at our own wedding.

Maria mou… agapi mou… no words can describe the diamond you are, you were the key! in creating the most magical wedding and making sure our dreams came true! Maria mou our wedding was not only everything we wanted but it exceeded all of our expectations. BEST WEDDING PLANNER OF ALL TIMES! ❤️ we love you

Constantina and Chris

Masha, thank you for those overwhelmed eyes Dany had when he entered my room before the ceremony and said: "I didn't believe that it would be so grandiose!!!!". I could never have imagined that all my saved Pinterest pictures would be like a miracle coming into life. Thank you for your patience and persistence! For understanding precisely what your clients want! For you sincereness and spiritual warmth. Do you remember asking me: "Why did you choose me?!" Well I hope you remember the answer: "Because I follow my heart."

Ksenya and Daniil

After long and unsuccessful searches, we contacted Maria and she replied right away. After that, everything was like in the movies, we were just saying what we wanted and Masha was giving us the best choices. She carefully reminded us of things that we might forget. Maria was paying attention to every detail: music, decoration, menu, guests arrangement. Because of you we had an unforgettable feast and the most positive and genuine emotions.

Julia and Sergey

Madina and Vladimir

I want to thank you for organizing one of the most wonderful days of my life. Everything was very beautiful. And special thanks to your florist. It was perfect, it was exactly as I have imagined it. You have a great team for videography and photography. Our family and friends still remember our wedding and they thank us for these memories ❤

A wedding in Cyprus is like a fairy tail, and the main fairy is Maria. I think we couldn’t wish for better. Our guests confessed: «It was miraculous. It was the best wedding we have ever been to.» There is nothing more to add, except that we would repeat it in a heartbit! We would like to thank Maria and her team with all of our soul for her ability to create love and beauty.

Anna and Andrew

Dear and priceless Masha! We were so lucky, that we met you. You fearlessly took on the organization of our wedding with 500 guests and created a unique and fairytale wedding. A huge thank you and you have our admiration, you and your whole team.

Marina and Vasilis

I would like to express my gratitude for our wedding planner in Cyprus - Maria. I knew from the begging that she was the one who should take on our wedding arrangement. And this is very important because we wanted to have our wedding on an island we have never been before. She thought through to every little detail. The venue, which our guests fell in love with, the food, the decor, the planning - everything was at the highest level. It was a cosy, romantic dinner on the shores of the Mediterranean among with our closest friends. For us it was an amazing day, for which we relied on our wedding planner and we have enjoyed each other and every minute!

Dina and Vladislav

Sveta and Artyom

Maria we want to express our ultimate gratitude for organizing such an amazing wedding. You offered us happiness, joy and fulfillment of our dreams. Thank you very much for playing a part in our happy future.

Our visions of beauty and fairytale came together. Without Maria we couldn’t have made it. She helped us with care to choose every little thing, textile, details, suppliers. She had a team of a decorator and a florist, who with their own hands helped master this miracle. And the most important thing is that Maria found the spot, where everything took place: a private beach with an authentic fisherman style. Thank you Maria for all of your love. The stars have aligned:)

Vassa and Konstantin

An ideal performance. Thank you! We have contacted Maria via friends' recommendations in order to organize our wedding. Despite the short notice, everything was done at the highest level with a great attitude. Only because of Maria's work our dreams and wishes came true on this wonderful day. We, as well as our guests, were very pleased and thankful of M.O.weddings!

Julia and Panayotis

Masha was recommended to us by friends, despite having checked out many others too. When I started talking to her I immediately understood that it was exactly what we wanted. Cosy, stylish, with great taste. Everything came out exactly like that! We discussed with her every detail, the arch, the bridal bouquet, the set up. And when it was time for the ceremony, I was amazed by how everything was exactly how it should be. It was made out of my dreams and even better. Thousand thanks because that day will stay in our memories forever, perfect, beautiful and overwelmed with love.

Maria and Kirill

Elizaveta and Michail

I want to give many thanks to the team. Even in a distance you understood my wishes and brought them to life. I endlessly hug you, you are the best!

We must say a big thank you to the team that organized the wedding. They understood right away that they had to pay maximum attention to details so that in the end all those details will perfectly come together. And so it happened. Everything that I have chosen in Moscow from catalogues and pictures were ideally fixed in the garden where our wedding took place. Everything came out as I have planned and have imagined. This happens very often. When people look back at their wedding they usually find some mistakes. For me, it was a very positive story. I wouldn’t have done it better. Everything was perfect.

Olga and Adam

We are finally getting over of those two days and would like to thank you very much! Everything that happened was magnificent. Everyone liked our wedding and this is your merit.  You have great taste and I have no regrets. Thank you for loving what you do and that you still have power to create new ideas. Thank you, the florists, the decorators and to all of your suppliers. I believe that everything was at the highest level.

Anna and Oleg

Big thanks to very special Maria! It couldn't be any better and for sure it was absolutely above my expectations. Also to Katerina for our blooming garden and to Olesya for her patience with us, can't wait to see the result!!! And to Valeria and Alexandra and to my Stilist Maria and Inna... And to Grecian Sands hotel to the amazing venue roof, I hope I haven't missing anyone.

Alexandr and Alexandra

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Among many choices, I picked Maria. I just really liked her work in her portfolio. And to be honest my intuition rearly guided me. The planning came through very easily. We weren’t nervous at all. The suggested options for decor, cake and bouquet were all pleasant. I was just telling what I wanted to see. Maria also was the ceremony ghost as well as the coordinator. With all of our soul we Thank you for your work. Everything came out perfect.

Alina and Rustem

Maria, a great thank you for our celebration and for your talented team. We were impressed and happy that we chose to have such a wedding day. Time just flew away without noticing it. Everything was perfect, no mistakes, no stress, everything was on time and we enjoyed it. You are a real professional. By the way, the dinner in the restaurant was also great, such a beautiful and cozy place, very romantic with a sea view, and with such a nice food! We are impressed!

Anna and Ilya

Maria is a unique person, who definetely does what she is meant to. These people are rear and we are very lucky that we have found her. Marsha has the answer for everything and her ideas are just sparkles in the air. She knows how to correctly alocate the budget and spent it correctly. And by coming to the island to celebrate our unbelievably beautiful event, we didn’t have to spent all that extra money, like often happens in Russia.  Thank you Masha for the brightest memories of our lifetime.

Ekaterina and Ivan

I want to thank a lot the people who helped make my dream come true. First of all, the wedding agency M.O. weddings. When I almost gave up searching for the wedding venue, only Maria could gather together my thoughts and give a concept to the wedding. Huge thank you to the florists and decorators. I had an amazing bridal bouquet from Ekaterinburg Kalchenko. Thank you to the host Alexey, who could make it to Cyprus and to the amazing videographer Roman. And for the unreal pictures the photographer Denis Davydov. Also, next to me was a fairy the Stylist Masha Tochenaja, who without any extra questions has created my image.

Olga and Svyatoslav